God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name
by Andrea McGinty

New Lovers series No.3
Paperback and eBook

NEW LOVERS is a brand new series devoted to publishing new works of erotic romance that explore the complexities bedeviling contemporary life, culture, and art today. Inspired by radical publisher Maurice Girodias and his legendary Olympia Press, New Lovers offers readers a chance to turn on and tune in to new voices in art and literature.

New Lovers’ third release God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name by Andrea McGinty features an assortment of European men and a young woman determined to keep her mind and body occupied with all of them.

Eva is a hot mess. When her promising art career in New York takes a plunge, she enters rehab and finds sobriety—but not peace of mind. She escapes to Europe and loses herself in one hook up after another using Bangly, the newest dating app. She meets a run-of-the-mill Finnish curator and thinks it’s love. Or is it just wanderlust?

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